The phrase ‘people can make or break a business’ is an underutilised reference. People are your most important asset, selling, delivering and supporting your business. With the right people in the right roles at the right cost your business can flourish, but the reverse is equally true.

Getting your people issues right can be hard, especially in SME’s where senior management find it difficult to remain detached from the workforce and therefore find it hard to take often tough people related decisions. This is particularly true with long serving employees. Productivity may have fallen off or role value may have diminished while the cost of the individual has risen over the years to a level that may now be hard to justify.

We can help you review your organisational structure and ensure you have the right people, with the right skills in the right positions at the right price. Operating at arm’s length from the business we can help you take the sometimes difficult decisions to ensure that your business is lean and operating efficiently.

We can also help you focus on your HR strategy for the future, ensuring you have an actionable plan which means that you have the right staffing levels and skills mix to meet your longer-term growth plans.

Here are some projects we have undertaken for our clients:


  • Strategic HRM
  • HR Development
  • HR Policies & Processes
  • Performance Management
  • Training & Development

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