About us

Richard Pepperman

Richard has many years’ experience working across both the public and private sector in finance, operations and strategic planning. As a chartered management account he understands the importance of financial management and reporting in any business. He sees the bigger picture of how monitoring financial performance at every level is key to the ongoing health of the company. It tells you what is working well and identifies problems that need to be resolved. Having reliable, timely information enables you to take decisions with confidence which helps the company in the short term as well as preparing it for the medium and long term.


Mark Hawkins

Mark is a MBA graduate with 20 year’s experience in sales and account management, working directly for a number of household brand names selling into multiple channels within the UK and Europe.  Mark has had great success over the years working to a simple philosophy of ‘delighting the customer’ to create customer focussed solutions for the businesses he has supported.


Simon Ruggles

Simon is a passionate and knowledgeable leader in consumer/customer centric, digitally driven organisational change.  A commercially minded strategist and Agile project manager, Simon has over 15 years of cross-functional experience realigning value chains to meet the ever changing needs of a fast paced and evolving global market. Simon’s experience spans multiple markets and verticals, including  FMCG, Broadcast Media, and the third sector. 


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